This past week I ran into a problem that caught me off guard.

The customer had a T1 circuit with a bank of DID numbers on it. We moved the circuit from their legacy system into the ShoreTel T1 box. The circuit came up but DID was not working. I verified settings - D4, AMI, should be getting 4 digits from telco. When checking system, I kept getting alert 1332 - digits do not match and the call was routed to the backup auto-attendant. When I disabled digit collection, the calls routed to my default auto-attendent menu. After doing a trace on the T1 box it appeared that the telco was not sending us any digits. But it did work when connected to the legacy system. After many phone calls and various departments at the telco, one of the techs discovered that they were sending the digits in pulse form instead of tone form. Once that was changed on the telco end (DTMF) everything starting working as it should.

Ryland Marshall
Certified ShoreTel System Engineer

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