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  • 10.2 CPU Requirements

    We are currently running ShoreTel version 7.5 on a server with a P4 3ghz processor and 1GB of ram. We are looking at renewing our partner support in order to upgrade to version 10.2 so that we can get PCM working on Win 7 64-bit machines. (I am told by our partner that although this is not officially supported by ShoreTel, they can make it work.) We are a very small organization with about 15 users. My question is about the server's CPU requirements. The documentation I have says a dual core 3ghz processor is required. However, we have about 3% of the max user's they list for a small organization. Could we get away with our current P4? Would ShoreTel support us? I'm trying to avoid having to purchase a new server when the current one is so underutilized as it is.

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    We upgraded a rather large customer to 10.2...then they had some problems, so I got Shoretel on the phone, we worked on it, I had to gather the logs (which includes sending the system information)...Their answer was that the server didnt meet the requirements and that was the end of their help on that problem. So, we had to drop a few thousand Euro, to buy 2 new servers, replace the existing servers, only to find out that the problem was fixed in a later didnt have anything to do with the hardware.

    The problem is that once they see that you dont meet the requirements, you will NOT get anymore support.


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      I agree with Bobby, but FYI we are running a Dell server with an Intel Xeon dual core 1.60 GHz and 4 GB of RAM.