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  • Tc-101

    Ok, so I took the class last week and did great in it, but when I took the test friday I got a 74. Frustrating as I'll get out, my question is this: I'm a horrible test taker, what can I study further to do well on the final? I work in the system everyday, and am very comfortable in it. Just ran into some questions that I couldn't find in the PIG or the Admin guide very easily. I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes reading this but I could really use some help on this so I can move on the the maintenance class. Thank you.

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    Do you remember what is is you had problems with, question wise? It helps to have the manuals in digital form on a different screen and using the search function. Isn't 70 passing?


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      80 is passing. Yea, I would advocate having the docs up on another screen (PIG, Admin guide, and Maintenance guide) as well at the knowledge base open so you can search there as well. (Its open book so why not take advantage of that fact). Also I often sit around working on other things when a new guy is taking a test so I can point him in the right direction (though this kind of help should not include giving the answers to the test taker). Do you have any other techs with lots of experience who can be available to help you remember details? Also I often keep a system open while I am in a test so I can just go look, this answers many questions.


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        The other posters are right... Get a PDF viewer which lets you show the docs as tabs.. (Foxit Reader comes to mind)
        Open the V11 PIG, Admin guide, and build notes.
        Also grab the same for 10.2, 9.2, and 8.1. (I saw questions for all 4 versions.)
        Make sure you fully understand the latest concepts released since 7.5. (MySQL, SIP Extensions, Simul. Ring, Distributed services and DB to name a few.)

        Some of the questions are tricky, and couple are downright misleading.
        FULLY read and understand the question before even looking at the answers....
        Make sure you understand what they are asking before answering and moving on.
        Look for double negatives in the questions. (I saw a couple)
        And, like blanning said, if possible, have someone else around to talk it through.

        Keep in mind, this test was designed to be harder than in the past.
        However, it is passable.. I know a couple people who passed with almost perfect scores.

        Good Luck!


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          thanks guys, I ended up getting a 94 second time around.


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            Excellent! Good to hear..