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  • Number of IP phones per ShoreTel switch

    I work for a company looking to replace the current phone infrastructure with IP phones. I am looking for an answer to what exactly the "limit" of the number of IP phones that can connect to a ShoreTel Voice Switch is all about.

    As the phones will connect through regular POE ethernet switches, how is the limit imposed? I could understand if the phones connected to the ShoreTel directly, but in this case the Voice Switches would just be "on the network".

    There is (probably) a simple answer, but it is one I can't seem to find through searching

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    A ShoreTel switch has a fixed number of "ports" which can be configured for various purposes. One port can support one of the following configurations:

    1 analog phone
    1 analog trunk
    1 port of a conference DN (You need at least 4 ports for it to work)
    5 IP phones
    5 SIP trunks
    100 SIP phones

    The switch controls the IP phones via MGCP, right down to drawing the contents of the display. When the phoen boots, it registers with the switch. The switch adds the phone to the list shown in ShoreWare Director. If there are no more ports available on the switch, the phone simply can't register with the switch and displays "No Service" on the screen.


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      That makes much more sense - thanks for the reply