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  • Annoumous Call Rejection

    I don't know if this is possible with the ShoreTel system but won't know unless I ask.
    Since we have PRI's the local provider states that we can not activate the Annoumous Call Rejection feature. Which in a way I can understand.
    My question, is there a way to set Annoumous Call Rejection within ShoreTel and let the caller know that if that wish to place a call into the hospital they will need to turn off their call blocking?

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    Just some food for thought.

    Some people (like some law enforcement for example) have their phones anonymous for a reason - and can't turn it off.

    I run into this and it can be a PITA. Some professions require not broadcasting Caller ID information to the world.

    Just something to think about before you block anonymous calls. I know most of the time anonymous calls are probably telemarket calls.


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      There is not a native way to do this in the ShoreTel system, but I'm sure ShoreTel Professional Services would be glad to make something up for you, they may even have something already made up that they would sell you.

      I would agree with eazeaz though, sometimes this can be a pain.


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        Thanks for the information. I figured it would have to be a custom program.
        I am completely aware of law enforcement, etc.. and blocked numbers and wouldn't have asked if it weren't a different issue that is causing serious issues. Law enforcement is already involved with this specific issue. I am trying to keep it from happening again.


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          ShoreTel does have a Professional Services application known as "Nuisance Call Handler". Phones not sending caller ID can be sent to a recording and it can be configured to block calls based on Caller ID.