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  • Butt-Set Analog Extension ID question

    If there a way on a ShoreTel analog phone extension at the field 66 Block, tapping a analog pair with a Butt-set & finding out what is the extension number of the analog pair I'm tapping?

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    Open the trunk test tool on the server. Dial a number you know, such as your cell phone. The call will show up. Unless the number is private, you could also dial another internal extension and look at the caller ID of the incoming call.


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      Looking for a non-assist method


      I've done all the assisted extension ID methods... calling another extension and checking the Caller-id... mostly with a cordless DIST 6.0 phone in my other hand... it's just some locations are remote and out of range of the cordless 2nd extension... I've also called our receptionist... but sometimes I'm working after-hours where I'm solo... & it's a pain to climb down a ladder or where ever I'm at remotely in a factory plant enviroment and walk back to the nearest phone extension to see what extension I tapped etc... would like a solo non-assist method to indentify what extension I'm tapping in the field for circuit validation troubleshooting etc...


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        If you have a extension on the ST system assign external assignment to your cell phone and call your ST ext which will call your cell phone. You will be told what ext is calling and if you would like to answer.


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          This is a list of test numbers, some work, some are out of date. The ANI number ending in1104 worked for me for POTS lines.

 Test phone numbers