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  • looking for an official RAM for version 11

    I have some customers that have been upgraded since version 8.
    Recently had to get them to 1 or 2 gigs of RAM. Now that version 11 is out the requirements are 4 GBs!

    I need to know what an OFFICIAL amount of RAM would be for single site <40 users upgrading to Vers 11

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    Are you talking server, or individual workstations that would run Shoretel 11 call manager?


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      I doubt ShoreTel has a requirement for a specific brand of memory.

      Your server manufacturer or PC manufacturer might however.


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        sorry, I meant an official amount of RAM fo rthe server.


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          Small Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, Single Dual Core 3.00
          GHz or Intel® Core™ i3-540 Processor (4M
          Cache, 3.06 GHz)
          4 GB 100 T-Base
          Medium Intel Xeon 5520 Single Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB 100 Base-T or
          Gigabit Ethernet
          Large Intel Xeon 5520 Dual Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB Gigabit Ethernet


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            My apologies.

            @Miersk: I realize that is what the book says.

            My question is geared to what would be the real life minimum amount of RAM that Shoretel would still support for <50 users. I had a devil of a time getting all my customers up past 1 gig, now I am looking at 4 gig. I see that there is a note in the build notes that if you are upgrading any amount of RAM that was working before will work now.....which leads me to think that the 4 gig is way overkill. What would be a desirable amount of RAM to get my customers up to if the requirements continue to incerease.

            Currently 50% of customers are at 2 gig 50% at 1 gig and 1 each at 3 gig and 500mrg. I am running anywhere from 7.5 (they are reluctant on learning the new Call manager and setting time to get trained on it) to 10.2
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              My understanding is that the memory requirement is not necessarily so much for ShoreTel, but now that Server 2008 is supported on the Microsoft side, it takes much more RAM than Server 2003 used to. My question would be - if you are struggling to get your clients past 1GB of memory - how old are the servers your running on? If the servers are more than 5 years old, I would consider the reliability of the actual hardware the server is running on and consider an upgrade of it. If you're going to continue running on Server 2003 with less than 50 users, you can probably scrape by on 2GB, but 4GB really does not cost that much at all. I would recommend making the upgrade.


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                This would be my opinion rather than a Shoretel official view.

                Those server requirements are optimums for new installs. If you are buying a new server with 2003 or 2008 then you pretty much have to have 4 GB RAM (don't think any good Dell or CDW rep would send it out the door without at least that much) Can you run a site with <40 users with 1 or 2 GB RAM on Shoretel 11, yeh probably. Have you seen the boxes they send out for Small Business Edition? But like PhoneGuy inferred, you're probably also running Windows Server 2000 or 2003 for your clients...(and I may add there is nothing wrong with that). Look at the processor requirements. If you are talking about convincing your clients to upgrade to 1 or 2 GB RAM then I'm sure those servers were before we had core 2 duos, etc... Again, is that ok for 40 users? Most likely yes. It's all relative to the database size and what apps are running on the box. Which if you've been able to keep the local IT's guys fingers out of your Shoretel server is probably only Shoretel applications/databases, right? But bigger picture I agree with PhoneGuy. It's probably time to convince the client to upgrade the server if for no other reasons then Warranty purposes. The box I put in my smaller sites <100 users is a Small Dell Rackmount w/ single quad core, 4GB Ram and 2 mirrored 250GB HD's. That along with Windows 2003R2 or 2008 (or now 2008R2, woohoo that Shoretel11 latest build supports x64!!!) costs about $2000 and comes with 3 year warranty that give the customer 3 years good nights sleep! BTW, if you are going take my advice and upgrade to a new server with Server 2008R2 and Shoretel 11, give yourself some wiggle room and do 8 GB of RAM rather than 4GB as this is technically the first time Shoretel will run on an OS that will support more than 4GB RAM (aside from 2003 Ent Ed, etc...) so who knows that they'll do to you in the next release, and RAM is cheap.