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  • "Find Me" issue


    I have an issue with "find me" on our system that we have installed in our office. I have gone in to my personal options and set up "find me" and i have set the number of rings right out to 20 but never the less when I get a call in and they hit my VM and press 1 to "find me" my mobile will ring for half a ring and then stop and youn get the recored message saying " There was no answer, please leave a message after the tone"

    It makes no difference if I change it to a land line rather then a mobile.

    I have also allowed "Trunk-To-Trunk Transfer" with in the Voice mail notification User Group.

    Its as if there is a timer that its hitting before the number of rings that you set up when you do the set up for "find me".

    Any ideas would be Awesome.

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    I have run into this. I did not change the setting on "minimally featured" Class of service as you want to leave that alone because COS effects all users assosiated with it. I instead changed the class of service on voicemail notification to "fully featured" and that corrected the issue.
    Of course either way about it, I thought it was the Trunk to Trunk transfer that fixed my problem....maybe something else. Just for kicks try changing your Voicemail notif to fully featured and see.....


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      My customer here in Calgary is experiencing the exact same issue. Started just after (not exactly after) the install of 10.2. Users have experiences where this is very very intermittant where it works one moment and then 20 min later it does not work. I had them increase the number of rings on the find me to 6 to compensate for possible network delays when dealing with cellular phones. That seemed to fix it yesterday but its back again today. Toggling the integration with outlook seems to solve the issue temporarily (turn it on then turn it off). the users have find me turned on for all modes of operation so I dont know what to do. I am ready to give up.. any help here would be appreciated.


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        We were playing around with a recent build of 10.2 today (15.40.9303) and experienced the same problem with find me. In our case, we were simply trying use another extension as a destination. No trunks involved. Same problem as above. When you try to answer the call it immediately hangs up and sends you to voicemail.
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          We have this issue as well.
          Not certain when it started.
          We're on 9.2


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            Voice Mail notification, telphony permissions, COS, set trunk to trunk transfer "allowed" is the most common fix for this problem. If you have done this see if "find me" works to an internal extension. If so, your Telco/Carrier may be blocking your outbound CLID if it is different than your BTN.


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              Does the Voicemail Notification group also have access to the trunk groups (Tick them all)