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  • Dell PowerConnect 3548p QOS

    Hey Guys,

    We are going through our install next week and the installer that we chose does not have any experience with dell switches. I have my config already tested for the voice / data vlan setup, but struggling finding anything about qos and setting it up.

    Does anyone have an example that they might be able to share? I'm really at a loss and appreciate any input from anybody.


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    You shouldn't have to do anything special, unless you are looking at multiple sites.

    How many phones? Are you setting up a VLAN?


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      Nothing really special. Were talking 40 phones in total. All of our edge switches where the phones will go are 10/100, but our core switch is all gig and every switch is fiber connected back to the core. Just in our initial testing of a few phones the voice quality sounds great, but just wanted to cover all of my bases with QOS if it ever comes up