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  • Upgrade over the weekend

    Ok, so I have several customers who want to move from Shoretel 7.5 to 10.2 and ECC 4.66 to 6.0 over a single weekend. Now I know that this is technically possible I do have some questions and concerns. Namely this:

    I will not have access to 99% of the customer computers. So essentially on Monday morning these computers will try to upgrade from ST 7.5 to 10.2 and ECC 4.66 to 6.0 on thier Call Manager and Agent Toolbar respectivley. Now neither of these is supported. So would you say that the best bet is to have them run a script that simply wipes the old version and installs the new one using the .msi on the local computer? Or am I incorrect and these upgrades will work just fine?

    I know that I can install the upgrades on the Director and DVS and bypass the switches and phones until the last upgrade to save time, but that still doesnt really help me. The customer will expect to come in on Monday morning and have the system function in the same manner it did on Friday, with the excpetion that it may take a few minutes to upgrade the call manager/agent toolbar.

    What are your thoughts?