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  • Mcm

    Anyone out there have the MCM installed and working. Where can I find the steps to get this feature working. I see the check box but is there any work needed in the BES server?
    Ant help would be appreciated.

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    We didnt have to do anything to the bes server

    install the client
    check the box
    configure the client

    off you go


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      So you just connect your blackberry to your pc and load the software, check the box and then do some config on the blackberry?

      What is loaded on the blackberry, some kind of java script or something?


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        The server release notes go through what you need to do on the ShoreTel server to get MCM working (some IIS setup, etc). Once that is done you should be able to browse (from the BB - wirelessly works) to http://<internal IP of SWD server>/mcm/client and the client software will be installed on the BB. This assumes that the BES can reach the SWD server on the LAN.

        Once that is done start the client and configure it. The IP is the ShoreTel server again, port is 80, ext is obvious and the PIN is the VM pin, not PCM password.

        Good luck.


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          Thanks for the help jlear