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  • SIP and Shoretel

    I have a very basic understanding of SIP. However, I have been asked to prepare of an install of ShoreTel using SIP endpoints (namely phones). From what I can tell, Shoretel will be able to act as a SIP server, I can make one of the switches the proxy and then just point the phones accordingly.

    Am I correct or is there something Im missing?

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    Have you searched on here?

    Yes, you make a switch the proxy, configure the user on the server, and configure the phone accordingly.


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      Yeah, Ive been reading until my eyes are ready to popout, just wanted to clarify that what I was understanding was correct. Normally I dont ask, but in this case they want answers pretty quick.


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        Every sip device is slightly different. If i was you i would test a sip soft phone and see how everything works (it made it easier for myself)

        here is a link to a decent free sipsoft phone called x-lite X-Lite - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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          thanks man, that is exactly what Im looking for. A way to prove the generalities of SIP and then work on the specifics later.