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  • Call Forwarding with SIP trunks

    Where can I control what number is used as the source number for caller ID when using Find Me/Call forwarding? I have SIP trunks and I must use a certain caller ID to complete calls and they are failing because I am not providing a valid source number. Can that not be specified for the site?

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    You just have to set you CESID options with what ever number you want. I believe the granular order is User CESID -> Group CESID -> Switch CESID -> Site CESID -> then Trunk CESID.

    So as the system progresses if neither CESID is set it will not forward any caller ID. Dependent on how deep and specific you want your caller ID identification to be can be controlled by setting CESID options in its proper state.

    If you want the user DID to be forwarded though I believe it has a checkbox option. If you're not using DID's, then you would need to set a CESID per user. Typically if you just set a CESID per site it should work well enough for caller ID location.