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  • Custom Dial String Help

    Hello everyone, I was hoping I could have some help with our current client instillation. They have just moved from services with AT&T IP-FLEX reach VOIP to a more local company and using now standard PRI for VOIP calls. Before they had free IP based nation wide calling so dialing scopes were easy and all handled by the TELCO.

    Costs got too high so they moved providers, now the service provider requires identification of long distance and local calling. This gets complicated as the company has 9 offices connected through a PNT service across south Texas spanning 3 Latta boundaries. They have two PRI's that are within one of the Latta boundaries and they hare having difficulty creating prefix lists and dialing scopes to encompass all of these call routes and rules.

    I have spoken with the TELCO and the easiest solution is pretty much to just pass the number as dialed to them. I would like to setup both PRI's to just pass the digits dialed by the phone. 9 for outbound line, then use 10 digit calling 999-999-0000 for local call, and (9) 1+999-999-0000 for long distance calls.

    Right now I have only three options within the PRI Trunk Group Digit Manipulation.
    (1) Remove Leading 1 from 1+10D [Not Checked]
    (2) Remove Leading 1 from Local Area Codes [Not Checked]
    (3) Dial 7 digits for Local Area Codes [Checked]

    The company is on Build 13.24.2504 version 8.1
    They do not have a current support agreement as they could no longer afford so contacting TAC is not applicable.

    I wish to find or generate some kind of custom dialing string, to not touch or manipulate the phone number at all. I just want the number to be passed through the PRI as dialed. Simple is better. The TELCO is going to handle the call routing based on the originating number dialing and use that to know if it needs the "1" before the number or not. I would really appreciate anyone's help with this. Oh by the way, also this is the current Dialing Rule

    Current Generated Dialing Rules
    ;-1A<Y.>X.%40G<+X.>x011X.%740G<+MX.>xm1X.%540G<+M(36 1|956)X.>xm1X.%340G<+MNX.>xmnX.%140G<(14|[2-8])11>X.%40F<+M8(00|22|33|44|55|66|77|88)X.>xm1X.%14 0G<+M[2-79](00|22|33|44|55|66|77|88)X.>xm1X.%540G<101X.>X.%40 G<0Y.>X.%40G<*(67|82)X.>xxxX.%40G;40M


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    Hello, did you ever figure this one out? We are looking to develop a custom dial rule that will allow only 5 digits to be passed through the trunk group. Basically, user dials trunk access code + 5 digits and it gets routed over the trunk.



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      Did you try not selecting any of the digit manipulation boxes??