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  • Dial by name


    I need to set up "Dial By Name" for a customer, I have allowed the "Dial By Name" check box in user options and created an "Extension List" with all the user in it that I require but when i dial in and get the AA it is still looking at the digits dial as an extn rather than a name. There must be an option that I need to change for the system to look at the digits dialed as a name rather than an extenion number.

    Any ideas would be a great help.

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    You mean, when you spell the name, it says, "extension 2-5-6 is out of the office..." Or something like that?

    That would be because the users havent recorded their names.


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      No, when I try to spell "KARL" for example the system will say "extension 5-2-7-5 is not connected"
      That is because the extn range is in the 1000 range.

      I need the system to look at the digits dialed as an alphabetical rather then numerical.


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        It sounds like you need to assign a key press to the dial by name function in the AA. For instance "press 1 to dial by first (or last) name". The system will then prompt the caller to spell the persons name. Simply choose the dial by name option from the drop down of the key you would like to use then click on the --- at the end of the drop down window to assign the extension list you have created (if you need to restrict the callers ability to access certain users).

        The AA will not accept digits as a name without pressing a key first (unless you use the timeout destination to go to the dial by name option).

        Hope this helps!


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          Cheers Chris,

          Thats what the issue was. thanks for the reply.