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  • Force PRI Failover phone number

    Is there any way to force the failover phone number on the PRI's from the director or switches? Without pulling the PRI cables?

    in case of a fire they want us to remote into the system (outside away from the fire and equipment) and force the failover.

    Any other suggestions would be great too.

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    Do you mean PSTN failover?
    Or do you mean that you have an analog line that you want used for emergencies? If the latter, you can make the analog trunk have a different trunk access code, so instead of dialing 9 to call out on the PRI, you can dial 7 to get out on the analog trunk.

    Or, you can remote in and put the PRIs out of service.


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      Remoting in and putting PRI's out of services was my thought too but I was told by my ShoreTel support that putting the PRI's out of service does not work. Don't see why it wouldnt, but want to see if there are other suggestions before i try since we are 24/7 shop.


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        OK, so now you are saying that you want to force PSTN failover?

        Well, as long as you have defined it for each user, go to the sites, and change the admission control bandwidth to 0.


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          cool thanks. I will try this. Might be a few days since we are a 24/7 shop.