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  • Setup X-Lite

    I am testing some things out and I was wondering if somebody might be able to answer some questions I have run into.

    Can the SIP proxy switch be at a second site, or does it need to be at the same site as the HQ server?

    At the HQ site, how do I know if I can change a port from 5 IP Phones to 100 SIP proxy? Will it prompt me if phones are already using that port?


    Also, please note that this is being performed on a production system, that's why I am looking for answers before just testing myself.
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    Doesn't look like anybody knows...


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      You can use the SIP proxy at another site, I've set it up that way. I can't remember if you're going to get any error messages about the phones, but make sure you have enough IP resources for the phones in that switch.


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        I can't seem to get it to register when using site #2. I can get it to work and make and receive calls when using the HQ switch though. Here is what I am changing:

        In Director:
        Switches > Primary > Site #2 SG-90 > Change Port 9 to 100 SIP Proxy
        Sites > Site #2 > SIP Virtual IP = Same Subnet as Physical Switch > Select Site #2 SG-90 as Proxy 1
        Users > Individual Users > Test > Set SIP Password to 123456 > Set to SoftSwitch on Site 2 DVM

        If I do the same, substituting site 2 with HQ, it works no problem.


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          Couple things

          1. Are you trying to connect inside your network? Your SIP client has the same IP subnet as the HQ or are you trying to connect from outside?

          2. Did you try setting the virtual IP on the site #2 switch to the same subnet as the HQ site?

          I don't know if this will work or not, but it's worth a shot. Also, whatever router you are using in between do you have all the necessary route rules set?