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  • Setup of new location

    How difficult is it and what are the steps in setting up outside locations?
    We would like to bring a couple of our offices that are located in different towns, same state, onto the Shoretel server at our main location.
    These offices have less then 20 people, a few have less then 10. Main location I have 4 PRI's. Would PRI's at these locations work or is going MPLS better?
    Would it be wise to put a DVM at each location or go with the main location?

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    Small Sites

    What kind of connectivity do you currently have between the offices?

    With as small as your sites are, I would look at something like a PTP t1 or MPLS (usually more expensive in-state) between each small office and your headquarters.

    DVM's are not usually required for a setup like this, especially if you have T1's.... the circuits are not going to go down much.

    you would want shoretel switches at each site to drive the phones at those locations.

    QOS is the biggest part of the setup - get it wrong and you are hosed.

    I would keep atleast an analog line at each remote branch, or a 10 channel PRI if you can afford it.

    4 PRI's at the main location? what are you doing with 96 phone lines??


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      Right now each location just has it's own mom and pop phone system so they have mulitipule lines at each location.
      I think we would rather go T1 to each location before doing an MPLS and as far as the circuits going down, you must not have centurylink.

      I plan on putting an SG 50 in each location.

      We are a hospital and the 4 PRI's are for redundancy and the future planning of bringing the other sites on eventually. It's a good thing also because CenturyLink is constantly cutting lines. I can almost count on a weekly basis, one of my PRI's dropping from something they have done.


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        We see about an hour of downtime per year on our ATT T1's in St. Louis. For critical sites we will bond two out of different offices, or have a backup circuit. Clearline PTP T1's are far more reliable than an Internet T1 (in general).

        It sounds like you would:

        1. Get a T1 to one of your locations - PTP clearline
        2. Setup QOS on the routers at both locations - Cisco routers on EBAY are the way to go here. Get a spare WIC installed in each - in case one goes bad. 2824's and 2811's would be a very good fit.
        3. Triple check the QOS on the router
        4. Setup a syslog server to monitor the circuit and send you an email if it goes down - minimize downtime
        5. No need to have the t1 vendor do anything - its a clearline - no QOS/COS on the circuit
        6. Once the base network is up, create another site in director, install your switches and phones, and off you go.

        If your QOS is right, when they start running data over the circuits you will still be ok. Things usually start with sharing email, and then internet fail-over/redunancy for failures, then a file share, and before you know if you have one domain with everything shared across the WAN. Usually end up with Riverbeds or multiple T1's at that point.

        T1's in the st louis area (for short distances) are about 300-400 per month.

        When you first start out, I would leave all the local lines in place as-is. You can phase them out or replace them with a partial PRI when you are sure the network is stable, etc.