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  • CSIS Server report client platform

    This might turn into an enhancement request but:

    Is anybody aware of any sneaky way that CSIS server might be able to report some details of the client platforms that are running the client?
    For Example: Can I see which operating system a client is installed on, how much RAM, CPU etc...?
    If it is MCM, which handset is it deployed on?
    In a perfect world, this information would be passed back to the HQ server and be at least in a log file.

    I'm interested from the point of view of being able to advise customers whether they are going to be able to support newer versions of Call Manager/ Communicator going forward.

    I guess if Version 10 and beyond are calling home to ShoreTel then this kind of information might be useful to ShoreTel as well for statistical purposes (which mobile devices do most people use - what kind of spec are the PC's that people use)
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