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  • Local Area Codes

    Here is a site that I use to obtain local area codes for area code and prefix.

    Please note:
    6.0: You can copy the list, save to a .txt and import it directly into Director. (6.0 supports semi-colons)
    6.1: You can no longer directly import the list (6.1 does not support semi-colons, only commas). I believe you can import the list into Excel, then export it as a .CSV file which could than be imported directly into director.

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    Thanks, that really helped with what I was looking for.


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      Thanks! This is what I was looking for!!


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        Additionally, you might try E.164 Dialing. This will not work on analog lines, and does work with Major carriers, but some small CLEC's will not route with E.164. This puts the burden on the carrier, so you don't need to figure out if you need a 1 or not, if you need 7 digits or not, you just dial it all the same.

        1st put the following in the custom trunk plan

        <+X.>xX.%11740G<+MX.>xmX.%21540G<+MNX.>xmnX.%41140 G

        2nd Remove the prefix list (if you have one)

        3rd Make some kind of change, like from pri to pri1 and then click save.

        Make a test call. If it works, that carrier will route with E.164 dialing, and you do not need a prefix list. If it doesn't, remove the custom string, and use Local calling guide: 2008-08-18


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          You can use a text editor to format the test for 6.1

          Checkout download : vim online

          I will have to see if I can get you guys the switches to run on th elocal calling guide data to allow it to be directly imported.



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            Here is the equivilent in the UK:
            UK Telephone Code Locator - Telephone Codes, STD Codes


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              What is the most effective way to add the different codes into director? I notice if I click on the first site it has a list, but if I click on the next site it will have a list of numbers containing some that were not included within the first list. How do you make sure that you encapsulate all of the different variations of the code lists?