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  • 4 Gb RAM! Really?

    Just looked at the release notes for 10.2

    They recommend 4 Gb of RAM.

    I just got done upgrading all of my customers to 2 GB of Ram to run 9.1

    Why the huge increase? What are the chances of failure if I roll out with only 2 Gb of RAM (systems in question are 50 users or less)

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    To be honest, I think you're safe with 2GB with less than 50 users. We just had to upgrade all of one customers servers to Server 2008 with 8 GB of RAM, because we upgraded there Shoretel system, had a problem, and Shoretel said, "OH! I see the problem! Your server doesnt meet the minimum requirements..." Guess what...the problem was still there after spending quite a few thousand Euros on new hardware...


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      My question would be, if you were upgrading all your customers recently, why would you have upgraded to just 2GB of RAM? Memory is cheap. Did you look at the MINIMUM requirements and shoot for those?

      People's home workstations for grandma are coming from the Big Box store with 8GB+ ram these days.

      A 4GB memory kit for a dell 2950 server is under $200.

      Most laptops come with that much (or more) RAM..............

      Realistically things should run just fine, but for $200 why take the chance?

      Remember with XP first came out? 512MB of RAM was plenty. Over time it seemed that if you didnt have 2GB, the system would just crawl.