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  • 2N Voice Blue Lite GSM Gateway


    I have a voice blue lite installed on my Shoretel through a sip trunk. When dialing out through the unit I hear feddback like when I have a mobile phone beside a radio and it is trying to make a connection. Once the call has connected a crackle can be heard on the line, but only by the person dialing from shoretel. I have already been sent a replacment unit by 2N but the same problem is still there and they are now sticking their heads in the sand on the issue.

    Anyone have a similar problem with the VBL GSM Gateway and get it resolved?


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    I've not come across the SIP based gateways (yet) but we use the type with the BRI or PRI interfaces, you connect the ShoreTel to the PRI port on the gateway and then the gateway connects to the telco. The gateway is programmed to recognise outgoing calls to mobile phones (numbers begining 07xxxxxxx in the UK) and it skims those off to the cellular network.
    There is no programming to do on the ShoreTel or the telco.

    There is sometimes a noticable hiss on calls that have gone over the gateway and I believe this might be configurable comfort noise to show that a call is in progress when there is otherwise silence on the call. Would that be the crackle you mention or is it only heard when there is somebody speaking?
    If it is when somebody speaking and you have mentioned the call is over SIP, could it be a codec mismatch between the ShoreTel end and the 2N end? Perhaps one is a-law and one is u-law .... ?


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      How close are these devices?
      This could be radio interference from the GSM gateway...


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        Hey guys, we are evaluating GSM gateways, how did it work out with the 2N?Are there any Cellular gateway products that successfully link up with shoretel?

        We are looking for one for a client, most likely an 8 port, that would work with TELUS Canada.

        Any suggestions?