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  • Fax server not able to dial out through ShoreTel

    I have a problem and could use some help.
    We recently installed a ShoreTel for customer who already had a fax server connected through thier old phone system.
    The fax server sofware is Cantata and is connecting to thte ShoreTel through a Brooktrout TR1034-T1 card which is connected to a SG-T1K switch.
    The ShoreTel is running 10.2 build 15.41.3005.0
    We set up the inbound routing using DNIS to off system extensions pointed to the T1 which is working. But when faxes are trying to go out I can see the digits hitting the T1K switch and digits appear to be correct but the call just gets dropped and reorder tone is deliver back to the server. I have tried speaking with TAC on this but as they don't support the configuration of the Brooktrout card they are unable to assist.
    Has anybody else had this problem? Or any ideas on how to get it working?
    Thanks in advance

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    fax board

    They reconfigured the fax software to dial the trunk access code first? The old phone system would have provided a more traditional analog line, where a 9, (or whatever the access code is) isn't necessary

    Where in missouri are you?


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      According to the trunk debug tool they are not sending a 9 first. I have set the ShoreTel to prepend the 9 on all calls coming in on that trunk group. The old system was set up in the same way. We connect to the fax server to the system with a point to point t-1 and the outside trunks come in as a PRI.

      From what i can see in the Debug tool it looks like it is telling me there are no trunks available. Which makes no sense because the trunks are assigned to the Executives user group which has access to all trunks and the users have no problem accessing the trunks.

      I am in the St. Louis area also


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        Fax Lines

        I believe you must have the fax system prepend a 9, on all outgoing calls. The only way around this is to do a database "hack" that automatically places the trunk group access code to the call.

        Other PBX systems do not require this for analog lines, they work like real analog lines.

        try to send a fax and just put a 9, in front of the fax number. I think this is probably an easy fix for you. There are some posts on here about the database hack that is required to remove the access code requirement.


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          I had a hard time getting help with connecting a PRI Faxserver to the Shoretel system. Everyone was telling me it can't be done. I posed the question as connecting a PBX via PRI to Shoretel and got a littlebit more of a response.

          I didn't see it mentioned above, or missed it, but is Tandom trunking checked?