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  • Integrating Viking C-2000A WITH caller ID

    TonyZ did an outstanding job of documenting how to integrate a Viking C-2000B with the ShoreTel in the post "Integrating Viking C-1000B door controller to open door". He even goes into how to work around the delay for caller ID.

    I have a customer running ST 9.2 (was 7.5 but upgraded them tonight) with a Viking C-2000B controlling two entries. The system has been working perfectly in all aspects EXCEPT it does not pass caller ID. They want to know which entry the person is calling from. The Viking is connected to an ALS port with a hunt group as a destination. I've verified that caller ID is being put out from the Viking unit but it is not received when the call is answered., The phone just shows the hunt geoup name. They are able to open the door but just want to know which one is being opened.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Does the viking unit ring immediately into the system or delay then rings into the system?

    If there is no delay, there may be a custom dialing string of ;1L - this removes the delay where the ALS line holds the call to collect caller ID then pass it into the system.

    Also, did it stop passing caller ID after the upgrade?

    It also sounds like both doors may be on the same ALS trunk ringing to same HG, you may want to create another ALS trunk with a different HG destination and name the HGs accordingly.


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      Same problem here

      I was wondering if you by any chance figured this out as we are having the same problem here.



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        Anyone have any luck with the CID issue?
        Randy Wensmann
        [email protected]
        (408) 385-3485


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          Sorry no!

          I have been in contact with Viking and they informed me that they see this issue across the board with Shoretel. The Viking controller correctly sends caller ID which can be seen on any kind of analog phone but the Shoretel switch doesn't accept caller ID from it for some reason. Viking has a Shoretel case open and they will let me know if they make any kind of progress. For now I am simply labeling the doorphones so the caller can let us know which door they are at.

          Sorry for the bad news but I don't see that there will be a fix soon.