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  • Juniper VPN Firewall Ports

    anyone know EXACTLY which firewall ports I need open and where this is documented if at all? I have a customer who is requesting this information asap

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    According to Shoretel KB, UDP ports 1056 to 65535 should be unblocked through the VPN tunnel.


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      The ports are either in the Planning and Install guide, or the Admin guide. Probably the former, under a section about planning the WAN.


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        For ShoreTel 10.2, this info is in the Planning and Installation Guide, Not sure why you need this info for the VPN Router unless you are planning on configuring QoS (use 802.1p) or were planning on firewalling everything but documented ports. Here's a hint: almost everything needs to be allowed because of the use of dynamic ports.

        If you were planning on configuring NAT, be assured that NAT does NOT work in a ShoreTel environment.