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  • The case of 'The Phantom Employee'

    Thought I would share this one...

    Installed a new system last week (6.1). The customer didn't have Caller ID enabled on the PRI yet, but whenever somebody called on the main line in which the DID was pointed to a hunt group, the phone displayed a name. Sounds great....except the name was that of an employee that hasn't worked for them for 3+ years.

    I contacted USLEC (telco), and made sure the name wasn't in there records, and then scoured the ShoreTel Director for this name that I had never heard. NO LUCK! It was a Phantom employee!

    The following day, I was with another customer, adding his second site, and he complained of the exact same issue. Now my curiosity was peaked.

    To make a long story short (I know, it's long enough already ) Apparently, if when a phone rings, and the caller ID matches a name in your cached contacts, the name will show on the phone!!!

    How do you remove this phantom employee? You have to find all references of them in your Contacts that are cached, and remove them. To find all locations that cached:

    Call Manager | Options | Configure Shoretel System | OUTLOOK | More Options | Import Configurator - select the location and select details. Notice how this may include Public Folders...Don't forget that you may have to reboot your computer becuase Contacts are cached when you login!

    Consider this case closed!

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    ha, I've seen this before. Took a while to figure it out.