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  • Shoregear-Teleworker configuration

    I've got a couple of Teleworker boxes that I've been asked to get set up and working with our system. The problem is that I can't find any real information on how to configure them aside from adding it in the Switches page of director. As far as I can figure out, it needs to be addressed via bootp with a configuration file, or (perhaps) manually set up with some sort of teleworker configuration utility (seems I read that somewhere). I'm a bit lost at this point, and any information to help me get these things running would be very appreciated.

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    I just found out the hard way:

    remove the cover, connect ribbon cable to RS232 headerr on circuit board. COnnect wiith hyperr term at 38400 8-N-1

    Issue reboot command in VXWORKS command line
    stop reboot process to set IPs


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      which header are we talking about exactly?


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        nevermind, I found it. No problem connecting to it, but does anyone know how I can set it to contact the ST server?