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  • Siemens dsl modem

    I have a customer that recently swapped out thier DSL modem and since they swapped it out they can not make calls across the WAN. The switch and the phone at the remote site all connect fine across the WAN. They can place calls out from the site but they can not dial any 4 digit ext. across the network the call immediatly goes to the back up AA.
    They have a sonic firewall but we have the fragmented packets box checked on the sonic wall. Plus this was working prior to the swapping out of the DSL modem. But it is the same symptom that was happening when the fragmented packets box was not checked on the sonicwall. The new DSL modem is a Siemens SE567. Anyone out there familiar with this DSL Modem?

    Thanks for your help,

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    The default IP of that Siemens should be You should be able to log into it using the username: admin and password: telus
    Once in the modem set the firewall to DMZ mode and point it to the IP address of the Sonicwall.