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  • Adding Vonage trunks to ShoreTel system

    I have a request to add some Vonage Trunks to a ShoreTel system for International calls. Has anybody done this? I assume Vonage is nothing more than a SIP trunk, correct? I know I could run Vonage through the ATA they provide, but I was curous about adding it directly into the 120/24 to free up the resources.

    Any guidance woud be appreciated. Version will be 6.1
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    I would start by look at this I know its not a ST but the SIP connection information to Vonage SIP proxy is going to be very similar. I am not sure if the ST PBX can resolve DNS names for SIP trunks. Most of your larger Voip ISPs are going to use hostnames. I sure the IPs don't change very often but something you might want to check. I have been able to get pretty much all the features to work over SIP trunks except transfer with our ISP that resells Commparters SIP. Not having transfer is kind of a deal killer. A fix from Commpartners is in the works.

    You will have to have some kind of SIP gateway/proxy to handle your NAT/PAT issues coming out of your LAN. Currently I am using a Sonicwall Pro 2040 enhanced to take care of my NAT traverse.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I have spend a lot of time working on SIP connected to a ISP and the Wifi Phone. John Casselmen at ST has been a great resource as well.
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      What we were originally contimplating was:

      Internet->Vonage ATA-> Analog signal->120/24
      Was looking for a way to bypass the Analog conversion, but it may not be possibilty I guess.


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        It could be very possible. I just have never done it with Vonage.

        Going Internet->Vonage ATA-> Analog signal->120/24 can pose other problems as well. If you are using a Linksys ata, it will provide dailtone reguardless if the SIP trunk is up or not.
        There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that donít.


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          Actually the call path is more like:
          Internet->SIP->Shoregear 120/24.

          I've not done any Vonage integration. Few questions for those who in the know for Vonage...
          -Does Vonage use static ip as proxy server? or some kind of DNS name?
          -ST SIP supports dynamic IP i.e. from ST, we specify the Vonage trunk as ip0.0.0.0 and use Digest Authentication. Vonage has to send the authentication to ST to get authenticated. Once authenticated, ST has obtained the Vonage SIP ip proxy info and use SIP for established trunk connection. If Vonage supports SIP Digest Auth, then ST doesn't need to know the Vonage proxy name/ip.
          -Let me find out the DNS name resolve issue....


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            I just found out at this point we do not support DNS name resolve for SIP trunking, unfortunately :-(
            Your other possible options is either static ip or dynamic/Digest Auth.


            Disclaimer: I'm not an official Shoretel representative, the above is just my personal opinion. When in doubt, check with your official channel for answer.