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  • 10.1 Dead Air and DB funkyness

    Running 10.1/15.21.1311.0 New Install, about 2 weeks in service now.

    Having a couple issues here, not sure how to correct and wondering if theyre related in any way.

    All the phones run thru a router, and is segmented into 3 networks. We will call these networks A, B and C. Most phones and Server/switches are on A. Network B has its own router, and I put a static route to direct all phone traffic to the B interface. C has only 1 phone.

    Heres the Dead Air quesiton:

    Network B has 5 phones, 230's. Their call volume is fairly high. All calls come into a hunt group. Approx 3-10 times a day they will go to grab a call and get silence. On a few occasions 2 users will be on a call and a 3rd will answer a call, all 3 three users go dead. all of them look at each other and go.... huh? They can immediately initiate a new call and neither phones nor call manager loses connection.

    For a test, i statically assigned one phone to have a gateway of B interface, to cut their router out of the equation. No help. Next I removed all firewall rules between A and B thinking maybe I set it up wrong. No help. Tech support made a change to the hunt group based upon a KB about t1 glare. Im pretty sure this has nothing to do with anything, and the problem still exists. Next I sent a couple GUID's of failed calls along with logs to tech support.

    Tomorrow i plan on moving a phone or two onto Network A to see if anything changes.

    Any thoughts? Sometimes the calls drop all day long. Sometimes its fine all day and then towards the end they fail. I'm confident theres no bandwidth issues. The problem may exist on networks A and C too, but I havent had complaints as their call volume is fairly low.

    And the funky DB question:

    Noticed on a handful of occasions when i goto add an ATT for example. I add new and save, and it overwrites the last one created. i assume overwrite because it just disappears. Another example was ext lists, created a new one for pickup groups and it modified an already existing list assigned to a page group. kept the name, but changed the members.

    This has happened maybe 3-5 times since going live. not a HUGE deal, but makes me very nervous. And also makes me wonder if the two are related.

    Thanks for any input, sorry its so long of a read.