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  • Consistent dropped calls on new install

    As viewed in the attached image - the Headquarters has existed and worked fine for years. We recently purchased and installed the Branch office. The installation was handled by a Shoretel authorized reseller/installer.
    There has been no mention of DiffServ, COS or QOS until now; after the install and after the consistent drops of site to site calls. And before we purchased I mentioned to the reseller how bad our MPLS latency is 75ms average.
    I maintain the switches in both offices, but our ISP maintains the routers and MPLS.
    Also attached is our Call Control Options page.
    What is my course of action here? Do I hound the Shoretel reseller/installer? Or do I go about it myself? My guess is that I need to add 184 to DiffServ then make a few calls to Paetec to update their routers and the MPLS config.
    Is there anything else to this config page work changing? Any other suggestions?

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    If they are just a Shoretel authorized partner (the lowest level of partnership), they probably don't understand data network very well.

    You need to set the DSCP value in Shoretel to 184 and verify with PAETEC that QOS is enable on your MPLS circuits. The QOS configuration is collected during the provisioning process with PAETEC and you allocate specific % of bandwidth to various queues. Allocate the amount of bandwidth you need for your voice traffic (this is the EF queue or expedited forward). Paetec will prioritize the EF marked bits.

    You'll need to reboot your Shoretel equipment after you set the DSCP value. You also need to make sure your site admission bandwidth is set properly between your sites in Shoretel. Verify your IP phone address maps as well. Check your codecs (lots of threads on here regarding that).

    You really should enable QOS on your dell switches and set them to prioritize the voice traffic (EF bit).


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      I would also check the inter site codec selection make sure your not using very high.
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        I recommend that you get a good DATA router/QOS guy to help you. If your reseller didnt even mention QOS during the install, I would not rely on them to configure it properly.

        You are not up against a large task, and a good DATA guy could have you fixed up in a day or so.


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          I also usually code QOS for the specific ports, I have had problems with hardware not honoring Diffserv values, or some switches, etc, stripping them. I usually do QOS for both just to be 100% safe

          attached is the QOS best pratices with some info
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