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  • Asterisk <-> ShoreTel issues

    I have been reading through the forums and can't find anyone with the same problem. We setup a SIP trunk between ST and Asterisk. Works fine dialing from ShoreTel to Asterisk. The problem is dialing from asterisk to ShoreTel it ALWAYS rings to the incoming destination no matter what digits are dialed. Here is the config on the shoretel. I thought at first it was just the extension was not checked but that did not resolve. Any help is appreciated.

    Name: Asterisk_SIP
    Teleworkers: off
    Enable SIP Info for G.711 DTMF Signaling: off
    Enable Digest Authentication: on
    User ID: asterisk
    Password: ********
    Number of Digits from CO: 4
    DNIS: off
    DID: off
    Extension: on
    Translation Table: clicked <none>
    Tandem Trunking: off
    Destination: 1111
    Outbound: off

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    Make sure the DID and DNIS are both checked on the trunk group so that the system is expecting the digits. Make sure that the number of digits the Asterisk is sending is the same as the number of digits that the ShoreTel system is expecting (i.e. "digits from C.O. = 4).


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      Checked both off didn't affect anything. It came down to the fact that we were using the GUI for Asterisk as opposed to just code, using a pre-defined dial plan. There must have been some sort of dialing rules being attached when trying to dial 4 digits across the SIP trunk, all is well now tandem trunking and extension dialing both ways.