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  • Adding IP8000

    Ok, when we purchased out new Shoretel System we also purchased an ip8000. We never used it put it back in the box and now over two years later we decided to pull it out and use it. First I put in on a POE port it powered on shows an internal ip and extension all looks good but I cannot get it to do anything else. If you put in a 3 digit internal extension you get the three beeps like you dialed a wrong number. So after asking our orginal vendor all I got was possibly the POE switch needs to be tagged or untagged.

    Our Dell POE is setup with VLAN1 for data and VLAN2 for voip. I finally got it worked out where the port the ip8000 is on has VLAN2 untagged and the PVID set to 2. This allowed me to finally ping the ip8000 and go to the url of the device and see the configuration. Using the ST-10010 and the ip8000 user guide it looks like our ST 7 is setup correctly but the ip8000 shows under the SIP at the top Registrar has failed.

    So with the Registrar failed how do I correct this, also should there be a Authorization Name and Authorization password?

    Can anyone help me out point me in a direction to look?

    Thanks in advance

    V7 build 12.6.2301.0

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    Alright Timer, here is what you want to do, first you can access the Ip8000 support page http://ip8000addy/support admin/ShorTel......This will allow you to pull down a wireshark trace. Youll need it!

    Ensure you have a 100 sip proxy avail and a 1 for 1 ip phone resource for each 1P8000.
    Ensure you have a sip proxy switch defined in director; that's your sip register
    Your username on the phone is your extension....the password is blank by default....fill it in on the user's page in director. if you are 7.5 and below this will be a sip trunk.....see other post...if it is 8.1+...keep reading.

    Use sip register and the register addy will be the sip proxy switch you defined in Director. Make sure you have always use 5004 unchecked. You should be good to go.


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      I cannot gain access to the http://ipaddy/support it pops up a logon box and I have not been able to figure out credentials to logon.

      I dont have the area to have 100 sip proxy either too old of a version I guess.


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        Ok, ended up being a problem on the config of the ip8000 under the SIP options it had the shoretel server ip address in there as the Registrar Hostname and not the ip of the actual switch.

        Thanks again for all your assistance