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  • upgrade to 10.1/ client

    I noticed in the build notes that if you are running 8.1 clients and want to upgrade to 10.1 you need to move the 8.1 clients to 9.2 before 10.1. If this is true then this is very troublesome, instead of one client upgrade we now have to run two client upgrades and if they don't use AD / SMS to load clients all the PCs would have to have the 9.2 client installed from a disk.

    Anyone run into this yet?

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    That is in reference to the V-1 feature for PCM. They are saying that the minimum version of PCM that will work with 10.1 is the 9.2 build referenced in the notes. the line you are looking at says that if you want to use the V-1 feature and you are on 8.1 that you need to upgrade the client to 9.2.

    If you don't want to use V-1 then just upgrade to 10.1 directly. Why you'd want to upgrade your server to 10.1 and then upgrade your clients to 9.1 I can't imagine, but if your clients are already on 9.2 then it takes the pressure off to do the client upgrade all at once.

    The notes do state that there is no *server* upgrade path supported below 8.1 so if you are on 7.5 or whatever then you need to upgrade to 8.1 first, the build notes seem to indicate the same is required of for the client if you are on < 8.1, but I'd run it up in a lab to see what really happens if you have a lot of clients to look at.

    Also, the client normally gets a pop up saying that they need an upgrade and they can click OK to run it. They need to be local admin to do this.