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  • Hard Drive Partition Expansion

    I inherited a system with a Raid 1 disk array that has two partions. The boot partions was sized too small and now is running out of disk space. The second partion has plenty of room if I chose to expand the boot partion.

    Has anyone expanded a shortel server partion using a software tool such as Partion Magic successfully or is it just better to replace wipe the hard drive and start with a fresh install.

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    I've used Gparted before. There is always a risk when you use any software to re-size a partition but I have always had good success.


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      GPARTED is the way to go.

      Safest thing to do is take an image backup of your system (using a program like Ghost or Acronis), then try to re-size.


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        Paragon makes a really nice and not so expensive utility for resizing server drives on the fly. Server magic works fine too.

        as suggested, before you re-size anything, make a full backup image of the drive, like a ghost or acronis image.

        I have also dumped the images off, replaced the hard drives (keeping the originals safe) and dumped the image back onto the new drives (resizing during the return trip). Works fine and you have the original drives intact for peace of mind.


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          Partion Magic is incompatible with Vista and Win7, if you are using these os, you can use other partition software to do the expansion.