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  • Dial plan insert pause

    We have a ShoreTel connected to a legacy system via QSig
    Calls can be placed into extensions on the legacy system and through the legacy system to trunks.
    However, there are additional facilities on the legacy system including a bleeper system which is accessed by dialling a 3 digit prefix followed by a number to call the bleeper.
    There is 4 digit dial plan
    Users will dial beepers by calling 770 followed by the number of the device they need to beep.
    In order to work around the dial plan, I have added a translation as follows:
    7700 -> 770 and applied it to the trunk group between the ShoreTel and the legacy system.
    This works, if the user dials 7700 waits a moment and then dials 0nnnnnnnnnn
    But it isn't user friendly as users on the ShoreTel will need to pause then insert that extra zero before the bleeper number.
    I was wondering if there was some kind of dial plan I could put on the trunk group?
    It would allow me to catch all the digits from the user as folllows:
    and then send 770-pause-nnnnnnnnn down the trunk.

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    Currently I am not aware of the a way to simulate a pause. Supposedly a # is a deliminator that tells the system you are done providing digits, so maybe you could 7700#nnnnnnnnnn and have it be caught, but I rather think the pause will still catch you.


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      Pauses work on T1's and Analog Loop Start's only. You can have a pause if the tie is one of these two.