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  • Amphenol cable

    I've got a SG60, I was told to purchase male/female amphenol cable. I did and it was shipped to the office that has the problem, the manager (non-techie) I've asked to plug the cable in says its the wrong cable. Both ends need to be the same...female/female. Can some one please let me know what the connectors should be? Let me know if you need more info.

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    Send one male to male, one male to female, and one female to female.

    they arent very expensive, and then your bases are covered.


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      For the SG end it needs to be female connector on the amphenol, I am not sure what you are trying to connect the other end, it usually gets punched down on a 66 block or BIX block.


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        I have had similar issue when connecting to the Shoretel 'mouth organ' Analog unit for e.g. Fax & Analog handsets. I have received both Male and Female versions of the Mouth Organ so I had to use cables with different genders from time to time.
        I usually do not order the Shoretel ones as I had trouble with them - I get them made up by any local Cable company when I am sure of the Gender of the device I am attempting to connect. Hope this helps.


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          Without knowing what you are trying to connect the SG60 to its hard to say what both your connection types should be. I will assume that you are trying to have the manager connect the SG60 to a analog port patch panel, as I have seen those with the same connection type as the SG switches (female). The panels can be ordered as male or female, so you need to just make sure you have the right cable. I would suggest having the manager send you a photo of what he is trying to connect the SG60 to, and have the photo include the connection as well.