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  • AD Integration & Domain Membership

    1) In order to turn on AD integration in 9.2, does the ShoreTel server need to be a domain member?

    2) How many folks out there have your ShoreTel servers in a domain?

    Shoretel told us long ago to take our servers out of the domain.

    Now we want AD integration, they're telling us to put them back in. :hang:

    But now they say that we're supposed to remove the server from the domain everytime that we install or upgrade software!!!

    Is this for real? Does someone actually do that?

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    For AD integration it does have to be a member of the domain.

    Have the IT staff put the ShoreTel Server in it's own OU in AD Users and Computers and exclude it from domain software policies (like Managed Updates, Managed AV etc) and you shouldn't have any issues.

    I'm sure someone else out there can add to this and get you a more complete answer.

    Good luck!


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      have had shoretel server on domain and running windows updates via group policy for years now, no issues at all.


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        Our Contact Center and Director servers are both in the domain. We've done a few upgrades on the Shoretel software but our vendor didn't pull it out of the domain. I will agree that you should isolate the servers in their own OU with all GPO inheritance blocked.


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          Originally, we installed our Director server outside of the domain. We then added it to the domain and have kept it in the domain during subsequent upgrades without any problems.


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            You don't have to remove from domain for upgrades. It is recommended that you remove or wait to add to the domain on installs. If you had issues with your server and have to reinstall the software on same or different server then it would be wise to remove from domain and add back to domain after software install. Only because the ST software install would be subject to domain rules and permissions.