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  • Verizon IP Flex and MOH

    Anyone using Verizon's IP Flex T1 service or any other IP based T1 product? We have 2 bonded IP Flex T1s which are working fine for normal voice calls. The issue we're running into is that our music on hold sounds garbled. My guess is that the compression and/or the codec they're using is messing it up. Of course, I'm assuming the output of our MOH device (an MP3 player) is OK through the Shoregear switch but I don't know of any way to check that.

    Any suggestions welcomed.

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    You could record the MOH port from the switch.

    To record from the switch you need to telnet to the switch and then run Record2File2.

    Let me know what type of switch you are using for MOH and I will reply with the correct commandline to use.



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      We use an SG-90 for our MOH source.