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  • Failover Question

    When you have a standby switch and one of your switches fails, the standby switch then changes into failed-over mode and attaches itself to the particular site that with the failed switch. What happens if a switch at another site fails at the same time? It was my understanding that the "standby" switch would then allow for the 2nd failed sites phones to connect to it as well?

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    No, a single fail-over switch can only accept phones from one failed switch.

    If a switch at site A fails phones will first try and register to available local resources (i.e. open ports on switches at the same site) if there are no local resources available (there either were none to start with or they have all been used by phones in fail-over) the phones then go looking for standby switches. A single standby switch can only accept phones from one failed switch, so a SG90 standby could be completely inaccessible to other fail-over phones because they are not from the same switch as the 2 phones that are already on there. You can on the other hand have more than one fail-over switch configured at a site and they can be configured at multiple sites simultaneously.
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      Thanks for the response.