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  • deleting a user

    I have not had a chance to recreate this in a 6.1 enviroment. It was brought to my attention after upgrading a site to 7.0.

    I know you can't delete a user if they are in a workgroup or are pointed to by an AA and such, but is there something that stops the deletion if the user is on someones button. I have been told this has not been an issue in 6.1 but is one in 7.0. I have confirmed it in 7.5 myself as well. The bad part is it doesn't tell you which user has it programmed as a button.

    can anyone confirm the 6.1 deletion for me? And does anyone know how to track down which button is programmed?(I am assuming looking through the MDB).

    Also what about the new monitor buttons on the Call managers. will they aslo affect the deletion?

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    We also cannot delete users if they are being monitored by a button on a phone. We are on 7.5. I have not yet found an easy way to find out which user has the button....

    If you are on 7.5 could you do me a huge favor and test the incoming call delay that I have asked about in another Thread. We are on 12.13.1308.0

    We have an issue that a few users have complained about. On some incoming calls, if you answer and QUICKLY put the phone to your ear and start talking, the first few words you say are cut off for the other end.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? I can not say for sure if this started after our most recent upgrade or if it has existed all along and some people just pick up the phone too fast.

    Can someone call their own line from a cell phone, answer QUICKLY, and start talking immediately. I would be interseted if any words are cut off.

    It does seem to be truly random though.


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      Build 12.13.1308???
      Is that the latest CR? The last Beta that I know of is 12.13.1307.



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        which builds these are on


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          hmm that was wierd....

          It should have read : I do not know which build these are on, I do know that the 7.5 was a fresh download as of last week and the 7.0 was new as of 1 month ago


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            Build #12.13.1308

            Build #12.13.1308 was sent to us as a "controlled release". It does not however, match what is on the website. I think someone may have jumped the gun a bit and hosed us over.

            We are working with shoretel on our issue and they did say that it was indeed a controlled release.


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              I just had a TAC SR closed after reporting the "Can't Delete User" issue. It was because the user was programmed under someone elses button. The solution the TAC gave me was a manual database edit. I didn't do that, I just deleted the programmalble buttons that were causing the problem. I really only raised the SR to get ShoreTel to acknowledge the bug, which they didn't really do. They made out like it was a unique thing to me, I knew it wasn't.

              This was an issue on 12.12.6116, after upgrading to 12.13.1308 this issue is still there. I'd be curious to hear if TAC gives you a different solution to me.


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                no, they gave me the same solution (after I suggested it). Even if they don't "correct" it, it would be nice if they direct you to which button is in use


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                  Deletion has been an issue since the first issues of 7.0, and it will probably continue for some time.

                  Maybe 8.0 will fix this. (all verisons prior to 8.0 are in an access DB, 8.0 will use MySQL)


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                    So I am not crazy, I could delete easily prior to 7.0 (provided they weren't "Pointed" to by an AA or WG or something) If they were only on a button I could delete? Like I said, I was told it has always been this way, but I don't remember it being so


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                      You need to get off 1308 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We worked with shoretel on two major issues related to this build. They pulled this build as a result of these issues. 1310 is the official CR build.


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                        I am planning on upgrading to 1310 as soon as possible, however I am not sure that it is going to help.

                        I looked through the release notes and it appears that VERY little was fixed between 1308 and 1310..... unless they don't really document all the fixes.

                        We had very few problems before 1308. Since the install (coincidence or not) of 1308 we have had a ton of issues.

                        According to the relase notes, these are the only changes between 1308 and 1310. I do however find it hard to believe that they made a new release build for just those two items.......

                        1-25989534 Dead air to VM server after a user attempted to retrieve a VMail from either VM
                        viewer or Outlook..
                        1-25809075 Upgrade error. DB version in DB version table not upgraded properly
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                          I know on 6.1 or 7 if the user had personal contacts in their pcm it wouldn't let you delete the user until you deleted all of their personal contacts.


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                            now that is REALLY messy.....