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  • LifeSize VC as a SIP Extension.

    Has anyone had any luck adding a LifeSize unit to ShoreTel running LS Version LS_RM1_4.5.1 (34) and ST 9.x?

    I've tried 2 different LF's on 2 ST Sites with no luck.

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    Don't know the software rev, but no problems with an express 200 on 9.2 and 10.1


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      We've got at least 4 Lifesize Room systems with the Lifesize Mic running as a SIP extension. The setup process is a bit tricky, but we found a document at from Lifesize that got us through most of the process. This document covered most of what we needed, but it wasn't a cookie cutter answer. At what point are you getting stuck?


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        What kind of problems are you having? Hooking up Lifesize hasnt always been that easy. We have 2 room units and theywork fine.


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          We have 10 units all over the world. They are all sip extensions. No issues at all. Hope the attached doc helps.
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            What kind of problems do you have, you could browse to the ip phone pull down a wireshark trace. ex: user:cli pass: lifesize

            Pull down the trace and read the sip messages, it will tell you if your pass is wrong or if it is connecting to the right sip registar (shoretel switch). Also make sure you have room for 100 sip proxies and 1 ip phone resource. We have all of our life size units running on wireless too. Let me know if yu need more help.


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              Thank You !

              I was able to get this set up after referencing the doc much thanks! One thing I notice that might help other if you reference the doc you can skip the first few steps regarding the sip profile and codec if you have shoretel 12 or higher.