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  • PoE: will IP230 work with end span switch?


    Can IP230 phone be powered by data pairs as per 802.3af specification?

    Although I could not google for a straight answer it appears that yes, IP230 will work with both mid and end span PSE based on the following:

    1 Shoretel has validated FSM7326P POE switch to work with their phones.
    2 Netgear product guide describes it as end span PSE:

    FSM7326P provides power to signal pair pins 1,2,3,6 on the UTP Ethernet cable. Most PD devices draw power from the signal pair (or sometime refers to as data pair). If your PD device is only using spare pair (4,5,7,8), then power will not be available to it.

    3 Shoretel power injector is a mid span device using the spare pair

    So it appears that Shoretel phones do implement IEEE 802.3af fully and can be powered by either 1,2,3,6 or 4,5,7,8 pairs.
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