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  • SureTrunk for ShoreTel: Got 911 Challenges? Thinking About Hosting ShoreTel? Read-on.


    I prepared this presentation a while back for Kaplan Professional Education - a new client that wanted to use our native SIP trunks trunks to overcome the need for POTS lines at each site. I was intrigued - typically resellers and customers are coming to us asking for POTs as a "lifeline" for 911. However, in this case, they were looking for the complete opposite. They wanted to use EtherSpeak for with centralized trunks for 911 compliance for dozens of remote sites. We addressed the challenge and won Kaplan as a client.

    However, the ability to provide unique caller ID name on centralized native SIP has also spawned a new solution - ShoreTel Hosting. Imagine if you could centralize a ShoreTel switch in a data center, load it up with SIP trunks and provide access to unique DID numbers, almost limitless LATA access with Unique Caller ID Name to all your monthly recurring, "hosted" customers who were sharing one ShoreWare Director. It turns out this same capability is enabling some innovation on the SureTrunk for ShoreTel reseller level. Please take a look and contact us if you have any questions. Lot's of opportunity for the innovator!

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    Best regards,

    Neil Darling
    RingLeader (fka EtherSpeak)
    (866) 384-3747
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    I know this is an old thread but the link is no longer working.. I am trying to get 911 compliant for a few remote sites and was looking for information.


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      What a difference 8 years makes! I just saw your post. Let me know if you have any interest in learning about our native SIP offering for ShoreTel (that includes 911). We are now called RingLeader - but I figured following up eventually would be fun!.