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  • Dial Plan?

    Today 08:31 AMJones
    I have a Shoretel connected to a rome thru the wan to a T1120 box using off premise ext's,this works fine.They want the Shoretel to send the call over pstn if wan is down (long distance). they also want if they dial 11 digits to the rome for Shoretel to strip 7 digits and send over wan if its up. Is this possible without getting Shoretel involed.Thanks for any help

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    . Well PSTN failover is not possible for off system extensions and the two features you are looking to do would counter each other out. For example if we manipulated the digits when dialing a Rolm Direct dial number to go across the tie line instead. But yet invoked PSTN failover then the wan would be are only source for this call. Once we provide digit manipulation itís a done deal there is no way to bounce the call back to the PSTN and not manipulate digits because the WAN is down.

    However you could Manipulate the Digits of the Direct Dial number and send them to the off system extensions. This requires a custom dialing plan I would suggest leaving this up to your vendor.This can be problematic and requires great thought and consideration and should not be taken lightly And done by an experience Engineer with a god working knowledge of shoretels numbering plan. I am will to toss this around for you if you can get me more clear facts and a diagram to work from


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      I was thinking about this question again you could change the weights on these routes then set your off system extension in both trunk groups meaning Rolm Tie Line & PSTN Trunks then put a Digit Translations Table on the PSTN trunk group manipulating the off site extensions into the proper format for your carrier. This would do what you are asking. Well there is one more thing the link between the shoretel and Rolm would have to be a PRI for the failover to work properly.


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        I will give that a shot,Thanks for help


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          I was very vague in my description of how to accomplish this it should really be done by a vendor preferably one with a ShoreTel certified Engineer. Some may disagree with me by saying this but it is more CYA for yourself when making dialing plan changes you want no flaws in the scheme i.e. (stop 911 from routing properly). I would be more then glade to email you the procedures I just Did’nt want to post something that can cause some problems if not properly configured and or tested.