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  • swapping out failed SGT1

    I haven't had to swap out failed equipment yet, but I'm hoping it's as easy as outlined below.

    The failed equipment only has a fan failure, so it's still in production (but the change will happen during offhours).

    1. setup new SGT1 with same IP address info as old (thru console cable)
    2. swap out the old with the new (unplug cables from old and plug into new)
    3. Update the MAC address in the Director by going into the Switch's, into the failed switch info, and then clicking on FIND SWITCH's .


    Should I completely delete the switch info from the Director and re-add it from scratch? I wouldn't have to do this to the trunk group though, right?
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    What I would do is configure the replacement T1 with a different IP address, assign the trunk group to it. Have it fully functional and then just change the T1 connection, you can then remove the defective unit and if you like change the IP address of the new one to match what the old one was. You don't have to do anything with the trunk group except add it on the ports of the new switch.


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      We have had three switches with fan failures, rebooting the switch has 'fixed' it in all three cases. I assume you have tried that but I thought I would pass it along. I guess it may have just cleared the error but the switches are still up and running with no further problems.


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        I have done exactly what you outlined several times and it works flawlessly. If you are doing it after hours, I don't see why you would do it any other way. Director has no problem when you change the MAC address to that of a new, valid switch.


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          Thanks everyone. Yea, it's been through a couple reboots and technical taps.


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            After you get the new switch plugged in I would power cycle it instead of clicking find switches, just to make sure it downloads the firmware.


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              You dont have to use the find switches button... sometimes I have trouble getting that to work, so I hardcode the mac address. Then if I have trouble getting it to update I run a burnflash on it.