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  • Disabling function buttons on IP230

    Ahoy mateys!

    I have a customer running 9.2 who has an IP230 as a lobby phone and they only want to use it to only dial internal extensions. I have that part down, but they also want to be able to disable the function buttons on the phone such as Voicemail, Transfer, Conference, Directory, etc.

    Shoretel's official answer that it cannot be done, however a colleague says he's seen it done at another customer site. I know there are custom config files you can load up on boot (such as adjusting microphone volume) and this seems like it would be one of those situations... perhaps not.

    Does anyone if this is possible and how it's done (aside from physically breaking the buttons!)?

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    You would be amazed how two drops of crazy glue can disable any button a manufacturer tells you that can’t be disabled...
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