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  • Dial Plans in asia.

    Has anyone setup a site in asia where they have 1,2,and 3 digit city codes. I have a new site in the Phillipinnes with a city code of 45. It can dial other city codes but not local. The telco is about as helpfull as sunscreen on the sun itself and can't tell me if the want 7,9,10,or 11 digits. when I monitor the trunks I am sending 9 digits 45XXXXXXX but it seems by all the signs in the area that they want 10 digits 045XXXXXXX. I can not get the leading 0 without appending it to all numbers which throws of my other city codes. Any ideas are welcome except change telco's I tried that one already as a joke they didn't like it very much.


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    You should contact ShoreTel TAC as this is considered a broken system and they will provide the dial plan changes to fix it as part of your support agreement.