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    I need some experienced answers. We have broken ground on a new building that will literally be attached to the building that houses the Shoretel Server. The two buildings will be connected by fiber strands.
    Since this new building will be connecting to our network (LAN and Shoretel) all I should need to do is install an SG90 (around 60 people), add the switch to the HQ server and I should be good. Am I making this too simple or is there something that I am missing?

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    New Site

    If your new building is connected via fiber, I think that I would approach the setup exactly as you described.

    I would however get a SG120 switch. The dollars aren't crazy different. It will give you more expansionf or analog lines, etc.

    I dont think there is any need or advantage to a separate "site" in this scenario myself.

    As far as shoretel is concerned, the two buildings are just one building, and you are just adding more phones.