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  • Mobile Call Manager 'Package' for BlackBerry...

    Hello, does anyone know about 'packaging' the MCM for BES..? Our IT bods hate all that is BlackBerry - so throw every hurdle at those using BlackBerry's in the company. An example of thier iron fist is policies that lock the ability to turn off flashing LED when connected via BlueTooth. Bright blue flashing led is just painful when driving at night with hands free!

    Policy restricts us from installing 3rd party applications, and they have requested I supply the installation files in a format that the BES can deploy by policy to all Mobiles on the system. They called this a BlackBerry 'package'..?

    I am new to BlackBerry's and all that is BES - so guessing this is just like building a deployment package for Windows but do not know where to begin.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Have tried selecting individual .cod files and also tried zipping up all .cod relevant to a model of BBerry we have. Whatever we try we get 'The application files are not packaged correctly' when we try to add the application on the BES. Please see attached.
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